5 technologies that have changed business forever

Technology is part of our society, we can`t live without it. Technology has allowed us to live our lives as they are now. It has changed every part of our society, from healthcare to entertainment and science. Technology has changed business sphere like nothing has to change it ever before. It has changed how the businesses are arranged, how much of possible customers you can reach. It has also changed the way that product are made. From the industrial revolution to the digital age, technology has formed a business in the way that nothing else was able to do. Now comes the question, which are biggest technologies that has changed the business forever, and which ones have to change it the most. In this article, we will talk about top 5 technologies that have changed business forever. So let`s start.


1.Industrial revolution

This was the time of major technological improvements. The speed and the quality of products had to get a major boost. While, in the past, for one finished product it used to take a long time until you would get a finished product. But with the industrial revolution, that time has become much, much shorter. Some jobs that were done only by workers, now were done by steam machines which were much faster, more efficient and didn`t need to get paid for the work that they have done. This time was definitely bad for a common worker, but it was very beneficial for the future development of technology which improved the way that businesses are led.


2.Conveyor belt

This is also one of the most important technological inventions that changed the way that businesses are led. By introducing conveyor belt, the time to finish the product had rapidly reduced. The reason is because before conveyor belt every worker used to do the product from the start to the finish. But with a conveyor belt, every worker would do a specific task on the product. They would put only one part in the product on the conveyor belt, while the parts would be put by other workers. This had improved the quality of products and the speed in which products were done. The first use of conveyor belt was done by Henry Ford in his car factory. This invention is even still relevant to this day.



While robotics could cause a serious problem for many people who have jobs in the factories, there is no need to denying that automatic working robots are much more effective that human workers, even considering the time spend working, quality of work and they don`t need to receive salary. The real benefits of having the robots as the working force are that they can work 24/7 without the need for rest, the quality of work would not suffer at all. They can work as long as you need them. And the only thing that you need to run them is a computer program and electricity. Many companies are deciding to use automated robots as their working force. This could become a real problem for our society considering that millions and millions of people would lose their jobs. There is yet another possible problem. If the automated robots replace most of the workers in the world, that means that most of the people won`t have any kind of income. On the long run, that means that no one would be able to buy the products that are made by automated robots. The whole economic system would crash. And this is something that could happen in the near future. That is why we need to find a solution to this possibly devastating problem for our society.


4.The internet

With the introduction of the internet, the whole new world has opened for the business companies. The internet is the platform on which you can reach the highest number of potential customers. It is most unique, most private, and most selective way to run your business. The only thing that you need to have is your own website, social media website, and if you want, you can pay advertisements on the sites of your choosing. And you would need to spend the least amount of money on advertising your company, but still, you would have the biggest chance to reach as many potential customers as possible. You could use it to only do business inside your area, or you could do it the scale of your country. Maybe on the scale of the whole continent or on a scale of the whole world. It would all depend on nature of your job and what you offer. Also, great thing is that you would be able to receive the feedback which can help develop your business even more, especially of the received feedback is positive. The Internet is definitely the best and cheapest way to improve your business. And the part of the technology that has changed the way that we run businesses in a major way.


5.VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPNs have changed the way in which businesses are run in a major way. The reason is because VPN protect you from any potential breaches in your computer systems and it does not allow other unwanted parties to get an access to servers or computers inside your company. VPN can even mask your real IP address which in the end protect you from potential government intrusion or from other competitor companies. VPN are the future of internet security and anonymity. Without it, many businesses would get hacked, would get their important data stolen and released to the public. But VPN protects you from all of those possible dangers. If you have a serious company, then you need to have and internet connection or internal servers inside your company which will allow you to share data with your employees or with your potential customers. And that is why you really need to protect yourself. So one hacker would not be able to destroy your whole business. So be smart and Install VPN service.