Apple iPhone 7 vs. Huawei Honor 8 pro: review

There are only two smartphone makers that are always on top. And those are Samsung and Apple. Many other makers try to surpass them, they are doing anything that they can to create better and more practical smartphone. And still, no one was able to take the throne of Samsung and Apple. They are two literal giants of mobile industry. But in recent years, some companies are coming really close to the quality and performance of Samsung and Apple smartphones. One particular company is pushing its way up on the latter of greatest smartphone developing company. And that company is Huawei. They are making some amazing smartphones. Especially from their Honor series. Here we will see the battle against iPhone 7 and Huawei Honor 8 pro. We will see which smartphone is better and worth of your money, and which is just a glam that is definitely not worth of your money.


Specifics of the devices

First are dimensions. iPhone seven is a little bit smaller than Honor 8 pro and a bit lighter, 138 grams to 153 grams of Honor 8 pro. On the other hand, iPhone 7 has a battery of only 1960 mAh, while Honor 8 pro has a battery of 3000 mAh, which is about a third bigger than the capacity of the iPhone7. The screen of the iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches, which is not big, but it is still can pass, but Honor 8 plus has a great 5.2-inch screen which is great for all of your media consumption and other tasks.

The big minus of iPhone 7 is that it does not have full HD screen. The resolution on a device is only 750×1334 pixels. While Honor 8 pro has a full HD screen, 1080×1920 pixels. This also gives better pixel density to the Honor 8, 423 pixels per inch for Honor 8 plus against 326 from iPhone 7. Honor 8 will give you the much sharper quality of the screen. In the past, screen of iPhones was amazing, but it looks like that time and the lack of innovation is starting to slow down the hype and quality that Apple one has represented

The processor of iPhone 7 is much weaker than the processor of Honor 8 pro. iPhone 7 has only a quad-core processor, while Honor 8 pro has octa-core processor with 1.8 GHz. And there are still specifications in which Honor 8 pro destroys iPhone 7.  iPhone 7 has only 2GB of RAM, while Honor 8 pro has 4GB of RAM, which means that device will run smoother and better because it has much more temporary memory to work with. Both of them come with 32GB of storage. But Honor 8 pro offers expandable storage with micro SD cards, while iPhone 7, as it is standard for Apple devices, does not offer any type of expandable storage.

They bought feature cameras of 12-megapixel with a flash, and they feature front facing cameras. iPhone 7 with 7-megapixels and Honor 8 pro with 8-megapixels. iPhone 7 runs on iOS 10, while Honor 8 pro runs on Android 6.0. And the biggest misstep made by Apple is not including the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is just one of the stupidest moves that any company has done in a long time.

After all of those specs and opinions drop by us. You probably know which device we consider the better one. And that device is Huawei Honor 8 pro with ease. It offers much more than iPhone 7. It has expandable memory, better screen, better screen resolution, bigger and longer lasting battery, stronger processor better front facing the camera. It is also a cheaper device which is the same quality as the iPhone 7. Apple still live on the old fame. On the fame that it had to get when Steve Jobs have announced first iPhone. Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore. And when he has died, it is like that all innovation that Apple has ever offered has died with him. We can see that by examples. They don`t add any new useful features, heck, they remove the ones that are a standard part of every smartphone. They have removed headphone jack, which is just crazy. Their devices are underpowered and vastly overpriced.  Apple lives on the old fame, who knows how long they can live on the old fame. Only time will tell.