Cool Technologies for pet lovers

Pets are in most cases our best friends. They make us happy, make us smile. They help us fight stress and depression. They can be clumsy, that is for sure. But the love that they give us is most sun sure love that you can get. They will never betray you, they will always love you. That is why they deserve all of those toys that you buy them, all of that tasty food that they love to eat. And all of those toys that you buy for them. But, with the modern technology entering the all branches of our lives, it has also entered the pet sphere. There are many gadgets and apps that help you to take better care of your pets. Technologies that can allow you to take care of them even if you are not physically there. But which gadgets are those? Are they worth of the money? Are they any good? We will give you an answer to all of those questions in this article. So, let`s us start


1.Tagg Pet Tracker

This gadget will help to know all the time the location of your dog. Your dog got lost? Don`t worry, just open the included app on your smartphone and you will be able to see the location of your dog. Far gone are the times that you had physically search all around your town, or even further and hope that you would find your dog. With Tagg pet tracker you can go directly to the place where your dog is located right at that moment. This is a device that every dog owner should own. That is for sure


2.GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher

Is your dog full of energy? He loves to play fetch every day and all day? After a long day at work, you probably don`t have enough energy to play fetch with your dog. But, there is the even solution for that. Meat GoDogGO machine ball fetcher. This machine will allow your dog to play fetch as long as it has energy and will to play left. Because believe us, even your hyperactive dog will get tired after he tries to play fetch with GoDogGo Machine Ball fetcher. This is definitely one of the unique gadgets for keeping your pets happy and healthy.


3.Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash

If you own more than one dog then you probably know how much hassle it can be to carry two or more leashes with you which, eventually get tangled. But there is the even solution for that. Meet Wigzi free dual dog leash. This leash will allow you to walk two dogs at the same time without any problem. Because of its specific design, there is no chance that the lines of the leash would get tangled. Which is something that every dog owner would appreciated. Owning the Wigzi Tangle free leash would feel like a gift from heaven for many dog owners. People who own this leash would agree.



Petcube is a device that is perfect for every cat owner who is often away from home. This unique gadget features HD camera which records what your cats do while you are not home, if you are on vacation, or having a long day at work. Petcube also has integrated laser-toy which you can activate and control by running your finger over your smartphone’s touchscreen. Petcube also features an app that has share mod, which allows you to give them control over Petcube and let them play with your furry friend. Petcube is definitely one of the unique gadgets for pets.


4.Pet Chatz

Pet Chatz is a great gadget for all pet owners that are often away from home or are very protective and worried for their pets. Pet Chatz will allow you to have a literal video conference with your best furry buddy. You can connect to the device with your smartphone and check on your pet anytime that you want. You can even give them a treat through the device which will definitely show them that you are still thinking about them. If you are the owner that always get worried about their dog and what is he doing at home, then this gadget is perfect for you.



Probably all of us have heard about fitness trackers which track your steps, heart beat, how many miles we have walked and etc. But, what if we told you that there is a similar device which is designed specifically for cats. You would probably think that we are joking. And you would be wrong. Meet Petpace, cat collar that tracks all of your cat’s vitals, like temperature, pulse, activity levels, calories burned and respiration patterns. It is like Fitbit, but for your cat. You can even share data with your vet if he is tech-savvy and gets the better understanding of your feline friend healthy.


6.Halo Mini Dog Collar

If you are one of the people who take your dog on walks during the night, then this gadget is perfect for you. Halo dog collar is a collar that lights up which allow you to see where exactly is your dog during the night. You won’t have to worry anymore that you won`t be able to see or find your dog in the dark, you will be able to see its color and find your furry friend with ease. And most importantly, it makes your dog visible to anyone outside, which will keep your dog safe from unwanted problems or dangers.


7.Homan-to-Cat Translator

This app is for all the people who ever wanted to try to talk with their cats. This app records your voice and turns it into series of meows, like you are really speaking to your cat in their own language. While the app probably does not allow you to really speak with your cat, it is a great source of fun for you and your cat. Your cat will think that there is another cat inside your home, and you will get a great fun out of it.