How future transportation will blow your mind


Transportation as we know it could soon change so much that it will blow minds of many people all around the world. Some of us, who follow achievements of the science for future of transportation, we know how beneficial many of those achievements will change the way that we travel around our living areas. And, more importantly, how it will change the way that we travel around the world. All spheres of transportation will see huge impact and improvement in next few years, in some cases in a few decades. But the future that it will bring us will be one that will connect us even more in the better, faster way. But what kind of new transportation technologies we will see in the near future? Well, we are here to tell you. So let`s start.


1.Self-driving cars

This technology is one that is closest to realization. Many car and non-car companies are developing self-driving cars which will dry by using the special operating systems and sensors. And we are really close to putting this technology in the mainstream. Tesla cars already have hardware and software that allows Tesla cars to drive by themselves. Sure, the technology is still not perfect, and the driver needs to be always aware of the possibility that program could make the mistake. But as much as we have seen, this technology works pretty well even today. Google is also making their own self-driving cars which are still in a prototype state, but they are showing a promise that they will be fully operable in near future.  Self-driving cars could resolve many problems of the today’s traffic problems. They could rid us of major traffic jams. They could also drive in the optimal speeds for better consumption and saving of the fuel. They would also be able to communicate with other self-driving cars and be connected to each other, which will allow avoiding any potential car accident. And that is most beneficial part of the self-driving cars. They would drastically reduce car accidents, they would even be able to abolish them from the face of the earth. In the future, maybe no one will ever die in the car accident. This is something that every person would want. The scare that drunk or reckless driver could kill you would disappear. We would then finally have fully functioning car transportation without any dangers.


2.Tourist space flights

In recent years we can see the rise of the private space companies. Most famous of them are Virgin Enterprises and Space X.  Both of those companies are putting their all to make space travel safer and cheaper. There are already almost functional special planes that could bring tourists to the edge of the atmosphere and at the brink of the space. Which sounds pretty amazing. Just think about it. The possibility for you to enter into to space, to finally be able to touch the stars. Just thinking about it makes you feel excited like never before. Virgin Enterprises are very close to the realization of this idea. They already have a price point set for the flights. Which means that they are really close to the realization of their plans.

On the other hand, Space X, owned by Elon Musk, is trying to make the travel to the space as cheap as possible. They are working on reusable space rockets. The rocket would go to the atmosphere, deploy the cargo that it needs and then safely land on the ground. Which will, in the end, allow the company to reuse the same rocket for more than one space flight. They were able to return their test rocket and land it on the platform. Which was a major step to the cheaper space travel and the way that we send people and supplies in the space.


3.Supersonic commercial airplanes

What if someone told you that you can go from Paris to New York and arrive in only 30 minutes? You would tell them that they are crazy. But are they? There are many scientists that are working on supersonic commercial airplanes that could reach speeds faster than Mach 5. Which is 5 times faster than the speed of sound. With these speeds, you could go to any part of the world in only 3-4 hours. There are some ideas for commercial airplanes that could go even to the Mach 8, which really sounds crazy, and super fast. But how would those planes get that kind of speed? Well, they would fly at very high altitudes, almost on the edge of atmosphere and start of the space. On those highs, there is almost no friction because of so rare air. This would allow those planes to reach such amazing speeds. There are, of course, some security problems. Because if, for example, airplane suffer some hull damage on such high altitude, there is nothing that could save passengers or crew. That is a field on which scientist and engineers still need to work. Another danger is radiation on such high altitudes, but that problem is easier to solve than a problem with possible breaches.  All in all, the idea to fly anywhere in the world in only 3-4 hours max is something that everybody would appreciate. Who loves to spend almost a day on an airplane? No one. That is why we need this technology as soon as possible in our hands. But first, and foremost, we need to make it as safe as possible.



Future of transportation is something that will change our world in a big way. We can even see gradual steps to that future with electric cars with some smart features. There will always be people who are afraid of change and what it could mean for them and their security. There is no denying that some of the future traffic solutions could cause some major problems and dangers for people. But we learn from mistakes. We can hope that scientists and engineers will do their best that those accidents won`t happen. And that we will look with excitement towards the future of transportation.