What is Hyperloop?

As a down of a time, we humans are looking for faster and safer way of transportation. Many of those are focused on transportation by airplanes. But what if we tell you that there is something in the works that is not connected to the air traffic, something that is a whole new beast in its own manner. Something that no one ever before was thinking about. We are talking about a Hyperloop. A transportation technology that might change the way we travel long distances on the same land mass. The technology of Hyperloop is definitely interesting, something that we might be able to do in the future. But there are still many problems that need to be taken care of, some potential dangers that might put this idea in the graveyard of all the unrealized ideas. All we can say that with time will we know more. In this article, we will tell you everything that we know about the hyperloop, so let`s start.

What is Hyperloop?

So, what exactly is Hyperloop? Hyperloop is an enclosed almost all vacuum tube in which the special viable would drive through with little if not, no air resistance at all. It would be able to reach speed over 700 mph. Which is faster than commercial flights. You would be able to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco in only half an hour. Which sounds pretty amazing. The  hyperloop concept is a brilliant one but still have some huge issues to solve. The idea for Hyperloop has come from the one of the best inventors of today, Elon Musk. This idea definitely sounds pretty interesting. There is already created a test field for the Hyperloop which is operable. Hyperloop definitely sounds like a great idea and solution for the future of travel. But is that really the case? Or are there still many problems that still need to be addressed? Well, we can say that there are still many problems with Hyperloop. Some of them are so big that they could put to an end this idea of Hyperloop.

What kind of problems Hyperloop does have?

Well, first, in the test tube no one was able to come even close to the speed needed for hyperloop to function properly. Fastest that any capsule has gone was around 60 mph, maybe even less. This shows that we are still not even close to the technology which would allow the speeds up to 700 mph. The second problem that Hyperloop have in front of it is keeping the whole loop without almost any air or pressure. This means that you would need a pretty enormous number of pumps which would suck the air out of the loop. And that means that you would spend a lot of energy and money only on keeping the loop in a vacuum state. Also, they still didn`t find a way how to save people in case of some kind of accident. If loop breaks or the capsule malfunctions, there is nothing that you can do, you are stuck inside the loop and you are pretty much doomed. And what about potential damage to the loop? If someone would create a hole inside the loop? This would lead to the catastrophic explosion because the air would enter the vacuum space. How would you be able to protect the whole length of the hyperloop? There is still no way to do so. That is why hyperloop is still just a good idea on a paper, and not in reality. But problems don`t stop there. The capsule would be able to accommodate only 8 people max. Which means that you would need to have many capsules if you would like to have functioning Hyperloop. And what if one capsule breaks down and another is coming its way? The collision would be catastrophic.

Hyperloop really does sound great on the paper. But in reality, if it ever becomes one of the means of the transportation, it could be the most unsafe way of transportation that we have now, maybe in a history of all of the mankind. If Elon Musk and other really want that this idea works and becomes successful, then they need to do much more work and change a lot of things that are for now crucial for Hyperloop at this point. Because if they don`t change them, than Hyperloop is doomed from start.