What does your smartphone know about you?

Nowadays is normal to own a smartphone. Over 90% of all cellphones sold in the world are smartphones and that is a good reason. They are almost all in one device. Do you need to take a picture? No problem, your smartphone has a camera. Do you need to search the web? No problem, you can surf the web with your smartphone. Do you want to play games with good graphics on a fly? No problem, your smartphone will cover you even on that end. You can even check your email, connect with your computer, your car, you name it. You can store all the important data on your smartphone. Bun now comes the question, with all the info that you put daily on your smartphone, what does your smartphone knows about you? Is it possible that your smartphone knows too much of your sensitive data? Does your smartphone know too much about you? Well, let`s find out.

Your smartphone always knows your location

Nowadays every smartphone comes with GPS connection, you can connect to the GPS network and always know where are you located. You can turn off this feature. When your GPS is activated, you are not the only person that knows your location. Many apps use the GPS for their functioning purposes. You would be surprised how much apps need a GPS connection so they could work properly. If you want to keep this information only for yourself, then you need to uninstall all the apps that might require the GPS location so they could work. Either way, your phone will always know your location. That is for sure.

Your smartphone knows your passwords

This might not come as surprise, but your smartphone knows all of your passwords that you ever put on it. It will record every single password as you type it for the first time on your smartphone. This can definitely be a pretty useful feature, but it can also be a very dangerous. Just think what could happen if you lose your phone and someone finds it. That person would probably have the access to all of your accounts that you ever opened on your smartphone. They would have all of your passwords. They would not be able to see them. But, if you connect to your accounts automatically with passwords saved for a faster connection, then those people would be able to take over all of your accounts. Which is something that no one would want.


It can even know the state of your mood

If you are one of those people who post often on social media about your mood and the way that you feel, then there is a high chance that your smartphone knows in what kind of mood you are in. That is because of the stored data on your smartphone and on your social media accounts. In one study done on mood and data storage of smartphones. Scientists were able to find out the state of mind of the subject just by looking at location data stored by smartphones, that way they would be able to predict the mood of the subject, and it the 94% of the time, they were right. Which means that in a way your smartphone knows what kind of mood you are.

And lastly, it knows you

By entering the data on your smartphone, either on your smartphone or the social media sites, your device knows you. It has all parameters about all that you ever did on it. What you have searched for, to who you have talked, what kind of apps you download frequently, how often you use it and etc. Your phone really knows you. This might seem scary, and it should be, because there are still some thigs that we don`t know about smartphones and what they really know about us, their users.